Top Goals SPL Season 2016/17

Welcome to the Elgin Boys Club website

The Elgin and District Boys Football Association as the club was originally known, was set up in 1964 to "promote the moral and physical welfare of boys aged between 10 and 17 through the provision, under proper adult supervision, of games of football".

The years have gone by and the language altered a bit but founder and driving force John Cameron's ideal has remained the same - football for young lads.

The club players are split into three sections by age - Junior, Intermediate and Senior - and take the names of the original teams:

  • St Giles
  • Cameronians
  • Crusaders
  • St Columbus
  • Royals
  • Waverly
  • Corinthians
  • Saracens

Juniors play an eight-a-side game (11 player squad) on a smaller pitch with matching goal size.

Intermediates play eleven-a-side (15 player squad) on a slightly larger pitch.

Seniors play the full size game again with a 15 man squad.

Matches are played on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the school summer term (see fixtures list) at Morriston Playing Fields with all matches starting at 7.00pm. All games are supervised by team managers who have undergone a Disclosure Scotland check and the games (apart from the Juniors) are allocated referees.

Full details of the rules and regulations can be found here. Membership, enrolment etc is in the News tab.



Well another season is just about on us. It starts on the first day of the school summer term on 17th April. Ages away you're thinking but .... Lots to do before then.

Error with date - the cut off date for players entering the club is 1st August 2000. (NOT 1st August 2001 as previously indicated in Registration Forms)

Key dates for coaches and prospective players are:-

AGM and Executive Committee Meeting
Thurs 9th March: 7.30 pm (Elgin City Social Club)

Sun 12th March: 10am and 10.45am (Elgin City Social Club)

Assessment of new entrants
Sun 19th March: 11am - 12.30pm (Morriston Playing Fields)

Allocation of players
Mon 20th March: 7pm (Elgin City Social Club)

Season to Start
Mon 17th or Wed 19th April

Registration forms are available to download from this site. Read the instruction carefully.

BLUE FORM: For new members.

WHITE FORM: For previous members.


As usual we're always looking for coaches. No experience is necessary just enthusiasm and a bit of common sense. If you fancy a shot come along to the AGM (see above) or phone Neil Fotheringham on 01343 542188 (evenings only).