News 2018


We had a good turnout for Presentation Night last Tuesday. Thanks to all who attended and also to the mums, dads, grannies, granddads, relatives and friends who have supported the boys throughout the season. Also to our guests Colin Kier (very good speech) and Scott Millar (Elgin City FC) who presented the trophies.

Those boys who should have received medals but who couldn’t make it on the night please get in touch with your coaches to claim your gongs.

We raised over £300 at the raffle so again thanks to those who donated prizes.

Well that’s it over for another year. Keep safe and we’ll see you next year. For the older lads who’s last season it was we hope you enjoyed your time with EBC and we’ll maybe see you sometime later as a coach or referee. Best wishes for the future.

From all at Elgin Boys Club.



All boys (and coaches) receiving awards to be at the Town Hall at 6.30pm at the latest (starts 7pm). Dress – shirt, dark trousers, no jeans or trainers.

Also if anyone should be so kind as to donate a prize for the raffle draw, please either bring it along on the night or drop it off at Mike Christie’s address (see Contacts).



Presentation Night will be on Tuesday 18th September in Elgin Town Hall starting at 7.00pm

The following awards will be made.

All players for Junior teams will receive a participation medal.
Also medals for the Most Sporting Team go to St Columbas.
Medals for the Mid Summer Mix-up (Summer Cup) have already been presented (at Boroughbriggs).

League Cup – Crusaders
League Champions – Waverley
Summer Cup – St Giles
Medals for the Most Sporting Team go to St Columbas.

League Cup – Waverley
League Champions – Waverley
Summer Cup – Waverley
Most sporting Team – St Columbas – Cup only presented to the Captain

Juniors – Daniel Hanover (Cameronians)
Intermediate – Alex Matczak (Royals)
Seniors – Matt Jamieson (Waverley)

Further information will be given to the recipients of awards nearer the time. I (Neil Fotheringham) will need their names however in the order they are to be presented - see my email (of 18/8/18). Managers of the above teams are expected to attend on the night to supervise (and bask in the glory).



Sunday 12th August (the glorious twelfth) saw the final matches of this season played out at Elgin City’s ground. And a fine display of football it was too. Good crowds and fine weather (only a spot of drizzle in the final game) both helped with the good atmosphere.

The afternoon kicked off at noon with Saracens managed by Tony Newlands taking on Cameronians lead by the Porter father and son duo Tiger and Stephen. Cameronians broke the deadlock with an early goal only to be brought back down to earth with a cracking goal from Saracen’s striker. Cameronians took the bit between their teeth and further pressure gave them the lead at half time. More goals came for Cameronians in the second half despite some staunch defending from Hulk’s team.
Final score Saracens 1: Cameronians 5.

Next up were St Giles (Bruce McHardy and Kenny Dey) against Waverley (Gordon Duncan). On paper this match should have been a lot closer as it featured the league champions (Waverley) against second place St Giles. There was certainly no lack of effort by either team but the bigger lads from St Giles seamed to cope with the large Boroughbriggs pitch better. The final score flattered St Giles a bit but that shouldn’t detract from some fine goals from the men in gold and black. Great skills on display from both sides.
Final Score - St Giles 5: Waverley 0.

An early penalty to Royals (managed by Mark and Jim Angus) was just what the light blues needed to start their attempt to win the Summer Cup. Waverley (managed by Graham Laing and Tony Mone) however replied with a tremendous goal from a free kick some distance out. This was followed up shortly after by a further Waverley goal from the edge of the box after a goalmouth scramble. The men in white got a further goal to go in with a half time lead of 3 – 2. This despite Royals pulling one back. Waverley stretched their lead in the second half to run out convincing winners despite maximum effort from Royals. All in all a great showcase for Boys Club football.
Final score – Waverley 4: Royals 2.

Many thanks to the officials, Elgin City Football Club and Chairman Graham Tatters for presenting the Senior trophy. And to all the players, managers and supporters who made SuperSunday – well super!

If anyone would like to contribute photos of the teams I’ll get them on the website asap.

Presentation Night will be sometime in the last two weeks in September. More on this later.



A report from our own Andy Carr.

Elgin Boys Club (Paderborn 2018) returned triumphantly to Elgin after a highly successful tour to the Paderborn area of Germany.

Aside from the football success (more later) the boys also enjoyed many of the delights and sights of the local area, including visits to a local outdoor swimming pool, a visit to Wewelsberg Castle (the home of the notorious SS) so the boys could get a flavour of what life was like pre and during the second World War for everyday Germans. There was also a trip into the city of Paderborn itself, a short walk around to look at the sites and then onto the World Cup Fanzone to watch the afternoon game. The idea was that Germany would qualify and this would be the game we were watching, but not to be…we got England v Sweden instead. I’m sure that will be an experience the boys will never forget!! There was also a visit to a typical German Ice-Cream parlour, a wee treat of spaghetti-ice or an erdbeer-becker seemed to go down very well, and whilst we’re on food, the introduction of bratwurst, frikadellen and currywurst into the boys diet was well received. As for the coaches, they seemed to enjoy the local diet also, particularly the rehydration option!

Highlight of the week outside of the actual football would have to be the visit to the Westfalenstadion, home of the German giants Borussia Dortmund. Here we had a superb 2 hour tour of the stadium, around the hospitality areas, out onto the famous “Yellow Wall” south stand that can almost hold the population of Elgin on its own. Down the tunnel and onto the pitchside to get a perspective of what it might be like as a player, even if it was only sitting on the bench! And back round into the stadium jail (yes, they have a jail for naughty fans!) and into the changing rooms and media area. Here we learned about the current Polish star who plays for the club, Łukasz Piszczek, and how the club have named their Doping Control suite after him (think about it). After that, it was round to the stadium shop to spend some pennies on a multitude of merchandise and then into the club museum where Borussia’s rich history could be explored…and we find the Scottish connection. Paul Lambert signed for Dortmund from Motherwell and went on to be a Champions League winner in 1997, and Scott Booth of Aberdeen joined in the summer of 1997.

As for the football…well, where to start? How about winning your first two friendlies 6-0 and 19-0? On the Tuesday evening, our two teams took on local opposition in Blau-Weiss Paderborn. They were a team of the same age range as us but unfortunately played at a lower standard than our boys. It was difficult for our coaches to dampen the appetite for goals, but various methods, including taking off players and allowing opponents extra on the park evened out games at various points, but nevertheless, the Elgin Boys class kept creeping through. Great workout though and an introduction to Germany and hospitality that really was second to none. Our thanks have to go to Blau-Weiss for providing us with the game and also the spirit in which they played.

On the Thursday night, we were entered into a 7-a-side tournament run by a local team called TuS Sennelager. Our squad was split into three teams and played in two sections, with two of our teams in one of the sections. All three teams played some great football in their section games and all ended up qualifying for the semi-finals with relative ease. The first semi-final was lost by Elgin after a 0-0 draw, then losing on penalties. A shame, because they had dominated the game and deserved more. The other two teams faced each other in the second semi, in what was probably the highest quality match of the tournament. And the winners prevailed in the final by 2-0 over their German opponents. Again a superbly organised event that Elgin were proud to be part of and ultimately win.

Final football event was on the Sunday, where we travelled to an 11-a-side tournament run by Hövelhofer SV. Both teams were in separate 4 team groups and would compete against each team with winners being declared for each group, there would be no final! Both teams played superbly against decent opposition, with one or two tight games, but eventually both teams proved too strong again for their German opposition. Elgin won all their games throughout the tournament and both received vouchers to spend at the club (liquid and food accounted for this!) as well as two prize footballs and a HSV flag! This was another very well organised event, where we struck up a particular friendship with the club…so much so that there may be the opportunity of a reciprocal visit.

Of course, a visit to a British Army base in Germany wouldn’t be complete without learning a little something from our hosts. Aside from being rudely awoken at nearly midnight on the first night (for a fire drill!) the boys engaged with our hosts in several ways. There was the obligatory Army Fitness Test, in which the boys showed up really well (some have the fitness of Marines!!) and there was practical demonstrations with Royal Welsh Regiment, where the boys got to climb about various Army vehicles and learn their uses, as well as trying out a variety of other military equipment. Then there was a trip to learn about the Queens Royal Hussars and what they do. This included a shot in the tank simulators, and as the instructor said “the boys who are good on the X-box should do well in here”…he wasn’t wrong!

None of these events and activities in Germany would have been possible without the sterling efforts of our host in Germany at Normandy Barracks Paderborn, in particular John Pluckwell and his wife Anita, who put together a program of activity that kept us pretty busy. Not only that, they found the time to drive the mini-buses that shepherded us around. We really appreciate all they did for us, well beyond anything we could possibly have expected.

And, of course, we’d never have got there in the first place without the support of Elgin Boys Club organising committee who were wonderfully supported by many sponsors, and our eternal thanks are extended to the following; Elgin City Football Club for providing facilities for meetings and fundraising activities, H & M Hydraulics for sponsoring the strips, Peter Mitchell & Son as the training kit sponsor, Plan Plus for the zipped training tops, The Woodcentre Ltd., as kit bag sponsors, LCTG Hairdressing and Alexander Wallace Toyota as polo shirt sponsors, A2B Cabs for providing Airport transfers, Fiona and Gordon Ellis, Gillian McIntyre & many parents for running a Fundraising Tea Stall on Boys League nights, Zoe Hay (Precious Gifts) for providing a main raffle prize, Buckpool Golf Club for providing a main raffle prize, Asda Elgin for the token collection fundraiser, and Tesco Elgin for allowing the bag packing fundraiser. Without them, we’d have stopped in Elgin for the summer….THANKS!



Despite what it says on the fixtures list the finals of all Summer Cup competitions will be held on Sunday 12th August at Boroughbriggs (guests of Elgin City Football Club). The later date previously quoted clashed with too many other football fixtures to make it viable.

The format will be much the same as last year –

Proposed Schedule

12noon – 1.15pm
Junior Final
Saracens v Cameronians – played across the park.
1.30pm: presentation of medals.

2.00pm – 3.15pm
Intermediate Summer Cup Final
St Giles v Waverley - played between 18yd boxes.
3.45pm: presentation (allow 30mins in the event of extra time / penalties).

4.15 – 6.00pm
Senior Summer Cup Final
Waverley v Royals
6.15pm: presentation and thanks to ECFC.

Players will be contacted by their coaches this week although due to holidays I understand St Giles Inters will be contacted at the weekend.

This will be the last weekend before the schools go back for the Autumn term so we’re hoping for good support from families and friends. Last year was a great occasion – we’re hoping for the same this year.



No we haven’t forgotten about it and we’ll get a report to you as soon as possible.

(It went really well by the way!)



Despite what it says on the EBC website, the finals of all three competitions Juniors (Mid-Summer Mix-up), Inters and Seniors (Summer Cups) will not be held this week.

These will be held (subject to confirmation) at Boroughbriggs after the school summer holidays. Agreement with Elgin City FC is still required and checks with other clubs for clashes with their competitions will be required before a date is confirmed. My apologies for any confusion.

Neil Fotheringham (secretary)



Waverley Seniors added to their earlier success by winning the League in style – undefeated. Managers Laing and Mone are now set on taking the treble. Who can stop them? The cup was presented on Monday 25th by Bob Stewart (Hon President)

The name Waverley keeps cropping up as the seniors’ namesakes won the Intermediate League Championship. Well done to Gordon Duncan and Ryan Main for turning earlier misfortunes around to win what was a very close competition.

And not to be left out congratulations to Crusaders Juniors who topped the league in the ‘non competitive’ section. Anyone got a photo?

With the season coming to an end on Friday (except for the finalists of the Summer Cups – after the holidays) we hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves and will see you again next year. For those players leaving the club we’d love to see you in the future as coaches or referees. Have a good summer and remember to hand in those strips!

Regards from all the coaches and Committee of Elgin Boys Club.



Congratulations to Ryan Green and Corinthians Juniors who were winners at the Motorfun competition earlier this month. Thanks to all the managers who participated. A great day out! Add IMG-20180622.jpg



Congratulations to Waverley Seniors who came out on top playing against Royals last Friday to win 5 – 2 after a well fought match.

Also congratulations to Crusader Intermediate who won 5 – 0 against St Giles to lift the trophy



The EBC Germany squad will be bag-packing at Elgin Tesco on Saturday 9th June, so pop along to support the guys – just after you’ve been to ASDA to deposit your token in the charity collection box (see below).



A heads up for everyone in the Junior Section that the Bi-Annual tournament for Junior Section teams will take place at Motorfun in the Cooper Park on Sunday 3rd June 2018.

This hugely popular event will take the same format as Boys Club fixtures (i.e. 8 a side) but each match (with the exception of the Final) will be 10 minutes each way.

Full set of tournament rules will be issued to each Junior Team, along with the draw for the two groups (one pitch each group) about two weeks before the event. Please make your boys aware in advance to ensure you can get your strongest team available for this competition.

The first games will kick off at 12 noon and play to a close with the Final being around mid afternoon.



If you shop at ASDA and you’ve ever wondered that happens to all those little tokens that people put into the boxes on the way out - well – the club or charity that gets the most tokens gets a cash prize. Even those coming in second or third get awarded some money. EBC thanks to Steve Porter have secured one of these prize pots. So lets get these tokens fired into our box so we can raise club funds!



With the new season underway there are few items of news to broadcast.

  • PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) – most of our 38 coaches (for our 22 teams) have already been registered through Volunteer Scotland. Applications for the rest are in train for processing. Thanks to Neil Cruickshanks for organising this major task.
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – all information provided by you to the Club is covered by new regulations set to come in later this month (previously the Data Protection Act 1998). This includes the new database set up this year (information is encrypted).
  • The Club has a new member of staff – Morris the Mower. Morris is a grass cutting ride on mower – a thoroughbred bought recently (Club funds) to provide extra cutting power for the Morriston pitches. Geordie Ross (Groundsman and trainer) is delighted with his new steed and hopes to have many enjoyable weeks in the saddle. Pitches looking great by the way!
  • Germany squad – arrangements are well advanced for the group of players going to Germany later this year. I hope to have a full account of progress later from Andy and Kevin.

That’s all for now – oh yes – you might have noticed there’s some football going on as well so come down to Morriston and cheer the lads on. Fixtures are on this website.



We’re just about ready for the start of the season. The fixtures lists are now on this site as are the Contacts.

We still have a few issues with allocating player but are working to fix this before the season starts.

Good luck for the upcoming season.



Those who have applied on line but not handed in the forms. Please put the signed forms along with payment in an envelope and post through Neil's letterbox at 22 Forteath Ave. Elgin.

Reserve lists will be dealt with after Allocations night (Monday 19th).

Any problems email



Applications for the 2018 season are now closed.

What a response there has been – 111 at Junior level, 100 at Intermediate and 87 at Senior. Allocations of the players to the various teams will be made on Monday 19th March and the teams posted on Facebook (hopefully the same night). Thereafter the coaches will be in touch with you.

Fixture lists will also be posted on the website within the next couple of weeks.

Coaches – a good turnout for Allocations Night is essential for us to have a good balance of talent in the teams. Boroughbriggs – Monday 19th March at 7.00pm.

Assessment Sunday has been cancelled. This is normally required for new entrants (mostly Juniors) to judge their level of ability. This would have happened this Sunday (18th) but due to the number of other events happening then the availability of coaches is low. We will also have a good idea of many of the new boys’ standard through other teams they play for (eg Elgin City FC). The weather is also forecast to be bitterly cold!

Lastly we’re short of a few coaches at all levels. If you fancy a shot at it or would like to know more phone Tiger or Neil (see Contacts).



To all adult members of the Club – coaches past, present and prospective new ones, committee members. Starts 7.00pm at Boroughbriggs.

The Agenda and previous minutes have been sent out by email.

See you all on Thursday.



If you haven’t registered yet, do so as soon as possible. You’ll still need to come down to Boroughbriggs next Sunday (11th March) with your Parental Consent Form (signed) and £20 fee though.

10.00am – Returning players (White forms).
10.45am – New players (Blue forms).

Register here:

Click here for the application form (WHITE) for boys who have played for the Club before and are returning.

Click here for the application form (BLUE) for boys who are new to the Club (first timers).



In the first day we’ve already got about 100 applications for the new season. Our target is about 250 plus so there’s still plenty room but don’t leave it too late. Pass the word round – Facebook, Twitter etc. Just follow the instructions below to register.

We’ll take applications up till Saturday 10th March.



This year we’re breaking with an age old tradition and asking for all applications for the coming season to be registered on line. The reason is that it makes administration much easier than having to deal with 250 plus pieces of paper. Be assured that the database where the information is stored is secure from hackers and that only a few individuals (all PVG registered) will have access to the full details of the boys.

Registration couldn’t be simpler –

1. Click here for the application form (WHITE) for boys who have played for the Club before and are returning.

2. Click here for the application form (BLUE) for boys who are new to the Club (first timers).

3. Read the instructions. This is important. If you (and your parents/ guardian) are happy with the conditions fill in the registration details. Be particularly careful with the email address (see below). Also the fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

4. Press the ‘Send the Application Form’ button.

5. Within minutes you will receive an email stating that you are now registered. It will also give you a registration number.

6. The email will have a pdf file of your original application AND a blank Parental Consent Form. Print both forms off. Get your parent or guardian to fill in the Parental Consent Form and sign it. This completed form is essential for you to be admitted to the Club.

7. Bring both forms to Registration Sunday – 11th March Boroughbriggs – along with £20 and hand it all in to the waiting Club committee members. Couldn’t be simpler!

The application process goes live on Monday 19th February at 5.00pm. Don’t try and access this before this time – it won’t work.

If there are any problems get in touch with Neil Fotheringham on 01343 542188. Also if you have problems with getting access to a printer phone me.



Well folks winter is over and spring is on the way (who am I kidding?). It’s time to start thinking about the new season and here are some important dates for your diaries:

Thurs 8 March at 7pm - Boroughbriggs

Sun 11 March - 10am and 10.45am - Boroughbriggs

Assessment (New Juniors)
Sun 18 March – Cooper Park – 10am

Allocations Night
Mon 19 March at 7pm - Boroughbriggs

Start of season
Mon 16 April

More details on the above will be forthcoming shortly.


Farewell to former EBC ‘Old Boys’

2017 saw the passing of two supporters of Elgin Boys Club – Henry Kinghorn and Duggie Milne. The families of both have made significant donations to the Club and we are thankful and humbled that they should think of us at a time of grieving. It’s good to know that the aims of the Boys Club should have had such an influence. In tribute to Henry and Duggie -

Henry Kinghorn (1942 – 2017)

Extracts from an email from his sons Jim and Gary –
“Regarding his sporting background, as a young lad, our Dad was often taken along to the football at New Elgin and so started a lifelong love of the beautiful game. He had a great talent for football, playing locally whenever he could and when a scout came up from England, his talent was spotted and he was offered a contract as a professional footballer with Bury FC – a club in the Northwest of England. After a year in Bury, he was signed for Accrington Stanley and he was a first team player for them until an injury ended his professional football career.

Henry and his family moved back north where for several years he worked offshore so didn’t have time for playing but out of the blue he started playing again at Burghead Thistle which I know he really enjoyed and after that he started coaching the Caberfeidh team at Dovecot Park New Elgin with the local legend which was Sandy Dean. He did this for a couple of years until he went back working offshore. I know he was very passionate about teaching the youngsters there and I only remember a couple of lads that went on to make a name for themselves, Mike Teasdale and Alan Dunsire from this team.

A memorial bench now sits in front of the pavilion at Morriston Playing Fields.

Many thanks to Jim and Gary and the Kinghorn family.

Douglas ‘Duggie’ Milne (1936 – 2017)

Duggie’s playing career started some 60 years ago at New Elgin (1956) where he played as centre forward. It wasn’t long before he came to the attention of other Highland League teams and after a spell at Nairn County he eventually signed for Lossie United. There he stayed for ten years as a player then later as part of the coaching staff. Eventually a knee injury ended his footballing career. Duggie’s love of football rubbed off on his daughter Pamela and together they enjoyed watching and supporting both Lossie and Rangers for many years.

Many thanks to Wendy (Duggie’s widow) and Pam and the Milne family.